Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 50- Welcome to Nahuala :)

Xe kij! La utza wach?

Hey everyone! What a crazy fantastic week it has been! So guess what? Im starting the mission over again!! Tuesday I had changes and for the first time in forever (Frozen reference) I have left the city! I am now in a (you can call it poor) little town called Nahuala (Na-wa-la)  its in the um department (?) of Solola and I am in the Totonicapan Stake, Ward Calvario. This area is SO SO SO beautiful I absolutely LOVE IT! however I do feel like I am starting the mission all over again because here the majority of people only speak a dialect called Quiche. (key-chay) which, if i may say so myself resembles a clicking language! So I will be coming home tri-lingual and a guy in my ward´s son teaches Quiche classes at byu! But basically if we want to understand anything we have to bring members with us all day and basically they just teach the lessons ha.  And all of the Church metings are in Quiche... Its so great!

But I already LOVE Nahuala SO MUCH! Its basically pure mountain climbing on the daily and it is so calm here. My comp´s name is Hermana Alvarez. Shes from Nicaragua and I´ll be killing her this change. Its actually rather funny because Her mom was Hermana Hamblin and I killed that girl too..... #killer   But im excited about the time we have together!

In case you couldnt tell I am so thrilled about this area. I have been praying so hard to learn to become a more spiritual person and depend on the Spirit in everything that I do, well God answers our prayers and sends us to Nahuala :) I know that I personally am not going to get much of anything done and that quite frankly the people wont understand me, but i am trying to do all that I can to let them feel the Spirit. That is how they will gain their true conversion. So Im stoked about my new adventure. This might possibly be my last area but we will see. 

I love you all and wish you all many blessings.

Wachalal Gibson (or Egyptian and they pronounce it here...)

1. Me in the new area.... obviously ha
2. I promise that i have seen a ton of cows in my other areas but the excitement of my new are just gave me the desires to take pictures of everything!

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