Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 52- 13 Months!

Hola Amigos!

This week has been a crazy long week! 

On Wednesday we had our Zone Meeting which was an hour away in Totonicipan. It was a great meeting and we were presented with a new plan to work with the members. It was really interesting, because I felt the Spirit whisper to me how we could work better with the members and then seconds later they presented exactly what the Spirit told me. So needless to say the new plan is inspired, as all things that come from our President.

This week was honestly pretty hard workwise so this email is going to be boring. Sorry bout it. But after 3 weeks of our neighbors waking us up super early every morning, the Lord helped us find a new house and quickly move in. We now have more privacy and its a little bit warmer at nights (im only sleeping with 3 blankets, instead of 4 and a sweatshirt) and we dont feel like we live in the basement anymore. :) We are rather excited. :) I´ll send pics!

On Saturday was a baptism of a 8 year old girl and the ward asked for our help at the last minute, so we were running all over town trying to get things ready. The baptism was beautiful and a ton of non members were there! 

Also Some of the members here actually live in Utah, but they had a recent death in the family, so they are all coming down to live here for a little while. One of the sons brought his wife who is from Arizona and it was SO great to see her, because we both were able to feel a little at home :)

Thank you all for your prayers. I love you all dearly!

con amor,
Hermana GIbson

1. I am fascinated by all of the corn stalks here. Sometimes I feel like finding an investigators house is like making our way through a corn maze haha 
2. Hermana Rodriguez and I are in the same Zone :)

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