Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 66- Gringos en Momos!

Hola Amigos guapos :)

What a great week it has been!

Tuesday we had leaders council with president. It was really great and we as a mission we are going to focus on how to find new investigators this month. We are trying to put our focus on families and we all set goals for this month of families to find. My comp and I were excited and prayed super hard and worked hard to find new families but this week we couldnt even find one new investigator which was a HUGE let down haha but we are thinking that this coming week we will see the blessings :) 

Wednesday we had a Zone Meeting and my comp and  I had to talk about how to increase our spirituality. Sometimes I get a little nervous to present because we are the only sisters in a zone of 22 elders and sometimes i feel like that wont take into consideration what we have to say. So as we spoke i had a prayer in my heart that the spirit would guide us and let me tell ya, prayer works! the spirit was so strong and afterwards the elders and president Smith thanks us for what we shared. It was such a beautiful experience. 

We had recieved references from a family and 2 were from their 9 year old son Kennetin. So thursday we went to contact them with kennetin and he was ready to go in his white chirst and ties. and we told us that he was super nervous, it was adorable. but seeing him share his testimony with his friends and invite them to church was so beautiful and a powerful experience for me to see how everyone can be a missionary! 

Saturday we took a 30 minute bus ride to a little town in our area to help come recent converts carry wood down to their house. It was super fun except for the fact that we couldnt find a bus to go back and the elders had found a "faster route" which led us up climb 2 HUGE hills. We were exhausted but it was so much fun to do service!

Sunday a bunch of gringos came here to our ward! Some dental program (i think its called smiles for central america) came to our ward sunday and it was really weird seeing so many white tall people in my ward. I think i perferred being the only gringa haha but it was a really beautiful experience they brought all kinds of clothes and toys and homemade crafts to give to the members. 

But the most beautiful part was when our 1s counsler of the bishopric shared his testimony (becasue it was fast sundayfor us) first she spoke in spanish but then he had practiced the night before and share a really powerful testimony in his broken english. tears filled my eyes to see how true this church is. it doesnt many where or what language, but despite the cultures, the gospel is the same and we all testify of the same truths. 

Lets all try to share our testimony with someone in need this week. I know someone is waiting to hear our personal testimonies. :)

1. Los Riscos 
2. Our wood carrying team!

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