Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 65- Washing in the River

Hey friends!

This week was both extremely hard and extremely rewarding. Last week we had a really successful week so we had put higher goals to push ourselves to work even harder. Well lets just say Tuesday through Friday, every single appointment that we had fell through, and our investigators with a baptismal date are no longer progressing. And there came a point Friday night where we just wanted to cry. And also it started to pour again this week, and that doesn't help the excitement when its freezing and raining and all of your plan  and plan B-s have fallen through. But we did it, kept enduring and then at 8:00pm Friday night the Lord had mercy on us.

Miracle #1 Familia Garcia Itzep. We received a call from a family of investigators that we were teaching but never completed with their appointments. But the father (the most hard hearted of them all) was actually the one who called us and and invited us over. So in a hop and a leap we were in their house reading with them the book of Mormon and we could see the spirit changing Fransisco´s heart.

Miracle #2 Monday night we had contacted a family in the street and put a return visit with them Saturday morning. And guess what, they were actually there waiting for us!! The husband got called into work at the last minute but we wants to meet with us too. 

Miracle #3 Right after leaving the appointment with the new family we found, we felt that we needed to contact a girl right next to the family, and she pulled out plastic stools, called her husband over and wanted us to teach them. And the spirit had guided us to teach them the plan of salvation. Which touched Leidi´s heart and she had opened up to us and and told us about her baby that had passed away 4 months ago, before being born. And as we testified about the temple, she told us about her sacred experience of entering the temple in Xela during its dedication. What a testimony it was to me to see the blessings of patience, diligent endurance.

This week was also some weird national Mayan holiday and its hecka witch-crafty up in here, people go do burning rituals to seek revenge of others or to be "healed"... yeah its weird. but gotta love Momos!

Also, you all should be proud of me, I not only can wash my own clothes by hand now, but i can also help others wash their own clothes, using a bar of soap, a flat stone and a river. :)

i love you all dearly! have a miracle filled week :)
con amor,
hermana gibson

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