Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 58- A Miracle!

Wow this week has gone by crazy fast!

And i apologize now because we don't have time to write today.

Quick Story. for the last 3 months my comps and I have been trying to contact a referral from a less active member. His name is Eter and the referral is his wife Brenda. We have tried so many times to talk to her, but she would just hide from us. One visit with eter, he tried physicality crying her into the room so that she would listen and his biggest desire is to be sealed in the temple. Well finally (miracle number 1) she went to church on Sunday!!!! Then we called her later that night and she actually answered us and said we could come over! And we expected that we would go over and only find her husband there, but actually the opposite happened- only brenda was there and she actually wanted to listen to us!!! :) So we are REALLY excited to teach her!

Here are some pics from pday. The last one pretty much explains how crowded ALL of the buses are here in Guatemala. 

love you all!
hermana gibson 

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