Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 55

Hola Hola Hola!

So On Tuesday I had my baby. First we went to changes in the morning and thats where I dropped hna Alvarez off. Then I was companions with Hna Martin for a couple of hours and we went to Parque Centtral, where they sell a ton of souvenirs and then we went to the church building when it was time to meet out kids. Mine is Hermana Perez and she in from Mexico, the capital.. Even though its my 3rd time training, I still am so nervous, but im sure we will enjoy our time together.

This week we found a family and they said that they want to learn what is the right path to take. Tonight we have an appointment to go back and we are hoping that they will start progressing.

One of our investigators, AntoƱo told us that him and his girlfriend are getting married this month and he put his own baptismal date for September. We are SUPER excited for him! When we talks about the gospel he just gets the biggest smile on his face and it just makes me so happy :)

Sunday our friend canela (the dog that follows around everywhere) came to church. haha when we walked out of the sacrament room there she was sitting in the church building waiting for us. What a loyal friend. 

Saturday we through a tiny wedding/baptism celebration for an elderly couple in the Elder`s ward. We have had to teach Manuel and Fransisca the Gospel Principles class a few times and I love them so much. Even they don't speak any Spanish and Manuel is basically deaf, they are my favorite people to talk  to :)

This week I was studying about how the Atonement can make us strong is our weaknesses like the promise in Ether 12:27. As I was studying, I was able to really learn about why we are given weaknesses. First all weaknesses come from God and they are given to us so that we become humble and learn to rely on him more. Then as we humble ourselves and try to become better every single day His grace (or enabling power) is sufficient enough to help us become better. But something that really struck me was a scripture that I read in 2 corinthians is that we shouldn't let our weaknesses bring us down or make us sad, but rather we should be joyful because we are letting Christ perfect us and make us better.  Then I read the talk from gen conference "Latter day saints Keep on Trying." that I invite all of you to read. We are not called to be perfect, but we are commanded to do all that we can so that He who was without sin can help us truly become Saints of the Latter Days. What a beautiful promise. 

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