Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 56- FOOD!


If i could sum up this week in one word, it would be food. Im not kidding, almost every single person that we contacted or visited gave us food this week. The first couple of times it was awesome, but then after haven eaten an entire loaf of bread in one day, my tummy was not a happy camper. However,the best thing was when Elise(the sister from pheonix that is living here) bought me kraft mac and cheese and a bag of cookies from the states. :) She is the best.

This week i also super glued my entire hand. yeah that was a fun 2 hours sitting with my hand in water and soap trying to rub it off.

On Thursday we had our ward mission activity and we basically contacted all of Nahuala and invited them to watch the Meet the Mormons video. It was a huge success! there were a ton of ionvestigtors that showed up and the spirit was so powerful. 

This week was so great. We were really where we neeeded to be. We reaally felt like we needed to visit members and as we did, they tearfully thanked us becasue they needed our visit. there is such a satifaction that comes when we know that we are helping one of our brothers or sisters. it truly is the best feeling in the world.

Our inv Antonio is progressing right along. Him and his girlfriend josefa are getting married this wednesday so we are really excited about that and he is still frim on his bap date for the 19 of sept. :)

Also the greates news was given to us this week, in 2 weeks we will be having a 2 mission meeting with our mission and the mission Reu because..... drumroll please...... AN APOSTLE IS COMING!!!!!! I am soooo excited :) 

So quick scripture that i just LOVED from my scripture study this week. Its in Alma 27:17-18. It talks about the joy that we can recieve then we truly  are repentant and humbly seek happiness. As I have been able to live my life in accordance to gospel principles, i truly have been able to see the complete joy that the goapel brings. It is my prayer that this will be a joy that we will all be able to crry with us as we seek to be better each day and humbly seek the true happiness that comes from the plan of salvation. 

I love you all very much, and i hope my letter makes sense... im writing fast today. Tengan una buena semana.

con amor,
hermana gibson 
super glue mishaps
the way to a girls heart it through her stomach
2 of my hijas at zone meeting

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