Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weel 54- It's a girl!

Hola Amigos!

What a CRAZY week this has been! I don't even know where to start! 

Well Thursday we felt that we needed to go visit a family of recent converts that live a little far away, but we couldn't deny the spiritual prompting so we went and when we got to the area there was a TON of people and the atmosphere seemed pretty sad. Then when we got to the converts house, they shooed us away because they didn't have time. As we were asking around what was going on, it turns out that a 4 year old girl was killed in a car accident and Thursday was her funeral. so we were able to do some service in helping them make tamales (which are like a lump of molded corn wrapped in a giant leaf....) After we shared a spiritual thought. No one there spoke a lick of Spanish, but as I was talking I could feel the spirit so strongly and I know that they could too. We were definitely where we needed to be.

Thursday night the assistants called me to tell me that I'm  pregnant and that i´ll be having my 3rd kid now! (if you aren't familiar with the missionary language, that means ill be training again. I´m pretty nervous, but excited. And the good news is that I don't have to open another area. I´ll probably stay here in Nahuala for the rest of my mission!!!!! I´m SO excited :)

Friday was CRAZY! Hna alvarez had her exit interview so we had to got to Xela for the day. I was able to contact the people sitting next to me on the bus. The people that I was talking to didn't seem to interested, but as I got up to get off the bus, there was a guy sitting behind me and was  listening to me the whole time and wanted a pamphlet of the restoration. Then when we were headed back to Nahuala, I was exhausted and honestly didn't want to contact. But i decided to start talking to the guy next to me and was able to teach him all of the Restoration and give him a BOM. He looked at me with tear filled eyes and sincerely thanked me because it was the message he had been waiting for :)

Well after the interview, we went to catch a bus to go home and all of the buses that go to our area were gone... we were stranded! But it worked out well because we got to stay the night in President´s house. And hermana smith made us a waffle dinner and I felt like i was at home! :)

Sunday was testimony meeting and a little 7 year old passed to give his testimony. His dad had passed away about 2 months ago now and the family has been having a hard time grieving over his sudden and tragic death. But the little boy shared his testimony and said, "I know that heavenly father lives and I know that my daddy lives too and is one of his angles. I cant wait to see him again." Lets just say that there was not one dry eye in the room. I love the testimony of children because it is so pure and so powerful. It just shows how perfect HF´s plan is that even little kids can understand that families are eternal. 

1. our friend Canela that always accompanies us to the visits
2. Dinorah did my draid so that we would be twins :)
3. Familia Ixmata Guarchaj
4. getting photo bombed by H Alvarez
5. Breakfast for dinner
6. sleepover at Prez´s

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