Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 63- happy conference!

First off, i hope you all had an AMAZING general conference weekend. I felt so blessed to know that our Heavenly Father continues to speak to us through living prophets. I had so many prayers answered and truly felt the love of our Savior,

This week went by crazy fast! And today i dont have much time to write, so its going to be a short email. 

Yesterday, we killed a spider, which was maybe the BIGGEST spider that i have seen in my whole life!!! Lets just say there was a lot of screaming in the house, but  put my big girl pants on and killed it..... but we also found two more this morning. Maybe ill become spiderwoman pretty soon.

Thursday we did divisions with the sisters from Baul. I stayed in my area and Hermana Calix came with me. It was a great experience, until the lights in all of momos went out at 6pm. So we had to go home and they didnt come back on until 9:20

Friday we had interviews with president, which are always great and uplifting. 

Many of you have been asking what i do as a sister leader..... well i have the same question. jk My comp and I are in charge of 2 companionships of sisters. Every so often we do companion exchanges and we train them and help them reach their full potential. Its a really amazing experience that I have, even though it can be overwhelming at times. But thats mainly the jist. Also i go to leaders council once a month. ( We are going tomorrow.)

I love you MUCHO! Have a great week!

Hermana Gibson

1. Hermana Calix and I
2. The spider....
3. My friend melanie
4. This guy (iffy) is from Nigeria! How sick is that!

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