Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 44- Prayers are answered! (out of order)

Hola Amigos!

Well just to bring you up to date, last monday when i complained about the heat was beacue that whole week before, Huehue hit record highs! But the lord in merciful to those who call his name and it rained all week long. I testifty that prayers are answered :)

Well another week has passed by here in Las Flores,

 but this week passed by a little slower. On Wednesday we had our interviews with President Smith and I was super nervous. I didnt need to be but I was afraid that with our low dats and he would be disappointed in me. But I loved every second of my interview with president and he assured me that he knows that I am working as hard as I can and
that the blessings will come. 

President´s words were of such comfort to me becasue this area is very difficult. The next day after interviews, we woke up really pumped to go out and bring the whole world unto Christ, but it didnt exactly turn out that way.... While we were contacting, we could tell that this guy really wasnt interested, so we just gave him a pamphlet and were ready to leave when he kindly asked me if i spoke spanish, after saying yes, he started attacking for 10 minutes telling us that we were messangers from Satan and were going to burn in hell. (How kind right?) Then finally I realized that I didnt need to keep trying to be nice and respectful, so without another word, I grabbed my companion and we left him in mid sentence. Truthfully, I had to fight so hard not to break down in tears. This isnt the first time that something like that has happened either. We have put up with it for about a month now and its exhausting. 

In Janurary, President asked us all to read the Book Of Mormon in 3 months. I completed the assignment and in my interview he asked me what reading the BOM has done for me in the mission. I sat quietly for a second and then realized and then the tears came as I realized how strong reading the BOM has made me. Reading it daily has given me the strength and the knowledge of Christ and while others have been trying to destroy the testimony that I have, I could never doubt the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I realized how true the scripture Heleman 5:12 is, that as we build our foundation upon Christ, the attacks of Satan will NEVER be able to shake us. I can truly testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that is can help us come to know our Savior on such a personal level. Even tho this area is a giant pain, I am truly grateful for the experiences I have here becasue I come to know my savior more.

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Thank you for all of the love, suport, and prayers that you send my way.
Hermana Gibson
heres a cute bridge we found!

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