Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 62- 103 and counting


So before you think that 103 is a baggie (trunkie) thing, just know that its not. 103 would be the minimal number of flea bites that i have on my body this week. And i think i missed a few. I´ve officially decided that the fleas are my friends and NEVER want to leave me alone. 

Okay apart from that, this week was great! It was filled with so many fun activities. 

Wednesday we found a new investigator named Veronica. So basically knows nothing about who Jesus Christ is and as I was able to testify of our Savior, I felt the spirit so strongly and I knew that there were angels surrounding us in the lesson. It was such a powerful experience.

Thursday we had a ward activity. It was such a fun activity. It was a little "fair" and everyone was told to win the most money that they could and whoever won the most would win a cake. Everyone played and had a good time and then when the fair part was over. Everyone had to pay all of their money to enter into the final room and had to grab a rock. Well as Hermano Parley because to explain, he told us that the rock represented out sins of the world that we gained from our greed and selfishness. Then He told all of the throw the rock as hard as we could into a box. After everyone had passed, he reached into the box and pulled out a ripped and torn picture of Jesus Christ and explained how He took upon himself all of our sins and burdens. It was such a powerful lesson.

Friday we had a Multi Zone conference and President talked a lot about how we need to increase out spiritual level. The conference was SO strong. I love conferences so much! 

Then Saturday we watched the womens general broadcast and let me tell ya, i am STOKED for conference this weekend :) 

I love you all so much! and next week ill send pics. sorry i forgot my camera!

con amor, 

hermana gibson

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