Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 66- The last transfer


Well this week has been crazy eventful!

Tuesday we get a call that a tropical storm was going to hit our area so we needed to buy extra food that doesnt require cooking. Then the next day our fridge broke, so it was a good thing that we bought all of the food. The good news is that the storm never hit us, but we did experience another little problem.... all of Momos hast recieved water all week, and our house doesnt have a water reserve tank either..... We were able to see a few miracles tho, the water came back twice but only for an hour, which was enough to fill our small pila (where we wash our clothes) So we have been fortunate to sponge bathe this week. Rumor has it that the water will come back the 30th of this month, but lets just pray that it comes back sooner. And yes you can assume that the whole town reeks of non showered people... Oh but there are water trucks driving around town to deliver water to everyone. 

Thursaday we were going to have a mission conference with a 70 but that got cancelled too.... so that was a little bit of a bummer. But supposedly the 8th of november a general authority will be coming to speak just to our ward, so that will be cool!

Saturday the elders had a baptism and were able to marry the happy couple. That was such a beautiful event. and saturday night we found a family of 10 people that are really interested in our message :) But as far as the investigators go, we have seen many upsets but also many miracles, so that has been a huge blessing!

Also tomorrow are changes, ill be staying in my area but ill be getting a new comp becasue hermana percino has changes. im pretty bummed about that, but im sure my new comp will be great too. 

Well i love you all lots! Hope you have a fantastic week and dont forget to ponderize!

Con amor,
Hermana Gibson

1. Our investigators Leidi and Efrain
2. Familia Lang- One of my favorite families in the ward
3. With hermana lucia and paulina
4. me being a true guatemalteca
5. the couple that got baptized saturday
6. they´re fun sized :)
7. pretty flowers here
8. divisions with herman a rodas

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