Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 67- Happy Dia de los Muertos!

This week has been crazy! 

Tuesday we had changes. MY new comp is Hermana Arellano from Puebla Mexico. She´s super sweet and super Christlike and a really great example. I´m excited to be her companion.

This week we haven't been able to work much in our area because a few of the new sisters that we are in charge of are having problems with wanting to go home. So we have been traveling a lot to Xela to try to help them. Also one of the sisters who is also a north american told my that my english is funny and that it doesn't make that much sense haha so going home should be fun.... 

Also, Happy Halloween!So incase you were wondering, this halloween i dressed up as a spice girl disguised as a missionary.... yeah i fooled everyone :)

Sunday was Day of the Dead here and the Bishop and his family invited us to eat the traditional plate called Fiambre..... and the tradition with that plate is that give you a TON and you have to eat it ALL! I think it took me about 1 hour to eat it all but i did it haha and it was hard because people had just given us food before that! 

This weekend was Stake Conference and we were able to sing with in the ward choir. It was a really fun experience. 

This week I have studied a lot about faith because for a while I had felt as though I had been lacking a lot of it. Sometimes in the mission I just get tired of knocking so many doors or asking so many referrals and either not receiving them or being able to contact the references but the people arent interested in our message. Sometimes its just hurts because this message is the true! The true church has been restored and they are choosing not to be a part of it. It truly makes me sad. And the whole mission we have been trying to find families that are prepared to receive the gospel, and i though for the past couple of days that i just didnt have the faith that they were really out there. So today i did a lot of praying and studying and I came to realize that I DO have the faith to find these families. Thats why i keep working diligently, but what i lack is the patience to see the fruits of my efforts. I was studying in Alma 32 and read the last verse which leave us a promise- after we have done all that we can do, and we do it with patience, faith, diligence, and long suffering, we WILL see the fruits of our labors. What a beautiful blessing that it for us. may we all continue on in our labors to serve the Lord even when we feel dis- animated. 

I love you all
Hermana Gibson

1. Barrio Patzite´s chior
2. the elders in our area
3. Familia Acajabon Champet
4. Hermana Arellano y YO
6. My BFF Melany, she painted my nails, we we had to take a pic 
7. Some of the sisters that we meet with 

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