Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 57- Heres Comes the Bride

Hey guys!

Hows it going? Well this week was AWESOME!!!!! 

On Wednesday we had a wedding! One of the sisters in our ward (Josefa) got married to her boyfriend Antonio (our progressing investigator) At 8 am we went over to their house to start setting everything up and cooking their lunch as they ran off and got married. Lets just say i cried a lot...... but only because i had to chop 20 onions. It was rough. But it was such a beautiful morning and the couple looked so happy. Be ready because there re a lot of pics coming your way.

Then on Saturday we got to listen to President Russell M Nelson speak which was awesome. His original plan was to come here in person but instead we got to watch him broadcast from Honduras. It was a little bit of  bummer they we didn't get to see him in person but the spirit was still really strong. 

Then after we had a womens broadcast in Central America and Elder Nelson`s wife, Wendy Nelson, spoke and WOW it was one of the most beautiful talks I had heard. She talked about how we really can become true disciples of Jesus Christ. She talked bout  temple dedication that she went to. A few weeks before the dedication, she and her husband went to see and walk through the temple to make sure everything was in order. But as they left they saw that the temple was missing the words "Holiness to the Lord, House of the Lord." Without these words the temple could not be dedicated. Then she compared that to our lives. We truly cannot be dedicated to the Lord if we are not holy people. So she gave us a challenge to think about the everyday activities that we handle and in those moments we should as ourselves, "What would  holy woman (or man) do?" And she read us letters from other people who have applied this challenge and how it has changed not only their lives but the lives of their families and friends. I love this challenge so much and I am excited to apply it to my life and invite you to do the same so that we can truly become dedicated men and women to our Heavenly Father.

1. Me and ma girl Josefita
2. Josefita and Mateo
3. The cooking crew
4. Making the sauce for the chicken
5. its chicken not witchcraft i promise

1.  some little girl that wanted her picture taken
2. cleaning the dishes (i swer i was helping)
3. The happy couple :)
4. a cool bridge in our area

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