Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 53- Crazy Week!

Hola Familia!

This Week was absolutely crazy! Donnt have much time so ill give you a few highlights!

This week we found 12 new investigators which is a huge miracle. that doesnt happen often here! So we are excited to go back with them and help them progress!

Friday night we had a meeting in Toto with nPresident Smith and the bishops and the ward mission leaders. It was a really great meeting on how we can work together so build the stake! The meeting ended at 9:30 and there werent buses for us to go back home to we stayed the night with the hermana leaders friday night. 

Saturday morning Hermana Howard went on divisons with me and we worked here in Nahuala. It was the funniest experience with her! We were teaching a lessons to our progressing investigator. Her name is Claudia and her husband owns a bar and thats where they live. As we were teaching, a drunk guy entered, who we are assuming is a member of the Church. (Dont be alarmed.... its normal here) So we started to teach the lesson and then we here him start saying things like, "First Hephi says....." and we were like what is going on with this dude. Then as we told our inv that we were going to start with a hymn, he came in and told us he would direct the hymn for us. How kind. Then we told us the following, "I knew an elder once...... who lives in Peru....... whose name is Barack Obama!" Hermana Howard and I died laughing so hard!!! haha  Then as we taught the lesson he helped us teach about Joseph SMith and then our inv told us that it was hard for her to understand spanish and it was easier in Quiche, so the drunk guy told us not to worry and started translating everything that we said in quiche for us. It was the funniest lesson that I have ever had in my whole life! And we had a lesson with a member haha

Sunday we went to church but had to leave after sunday school to catch a bus that went to Toto to end divisions. Well we got to Toto around 2:30 and then a sister was going to make the four of us lunch there. Well right as she starts cooking, the gas runs out. So she calls the gas comapny to bring her more but they didnt come for 2 hours. Meanwhile we found en electric stove and start cooking....... well the rain came in and the lights went out. haha Lunch became dinner. so we ate as fast as we could and then tried to catch a bus to 4 caminos (its a place where the main highway divides into 4 where you can take it to Xela, Huehue, Toto, or Guatemala City) So we get to 4 caminos, but there werent anymore buses leaving for guate (which drops us off at Nahuala.) So we had to spend the night at the Sister leaders houses another night. 

So this morning we took the 45 min bus ride back to our area, showered, ate, and then retured back to Toto for only "fun pday" that we are going to have this change. haha We are exhausted! But for pdayw e just played sports and then went and at in an investigators food truck!

Oh and the best news of the week is that we are actually allowed to flush our toilet paper in the toilet and we dont have to throw it away! YAY!

Love you all :)

Hermana Gibson

1.How we have to get around the area, in a tiny tuk tuk (mototaxi)
2. The district!

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