Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 41- 10 Months!


This week was absolutely amazing and so busy!

Tuesday was actually a heartbreaking day but spiritually uplifting. This week was one of the hardest but most amazing weeks in the mission. We had an invesitgator that had a baptismal date (Pricila) and we were really excited about her progression. She loved conference but the next time that we saw her she told us that he didnt want anything and the spirit confirmed to us that we needed to leave her for a little while. It was heart breaking to have to leave her becasue she struggles with depression and admitted to us that the only time she was happy was when she was reading the book of mormon or talking to us. There was one moment when I felt like I had lost the battle, but then I realize that I only won becasue I came to know the atonement of Jesus Christ on a very personal level. I realized that His heart breaks when we dont complete with the commandments just like ours does when our invesgitators dont do their part. And I also realized that our hand is always extended to our inv and she just has to call on us the way that Christ´s hand is always extended and he is waiting for us to call on him. Even though it was heart breaking to leave her, I am grateful for the experience to come to know my savior more. 

Thursday we went to Xela for the "half way through training meeting" with Hermana Soto and it was SO fun. We learned alot and Hermana Soto and I are both extremely grateful to have eachoter as companions.

Friday we had a Zone meeting and that was the best! We did an activity about how to follow the spirit in a world where there are so many noises and voices telling us what to do. They blindfolded us and individually led us through a obstacle course but the trick was that there were two voices telling us what to do. When we followed the wrong voice, the spirit withdrew and we were lost, just like what happens when we dont obey the commandments. And finally the other voice started pushing me into the "room of darkness" but that was when I realized that Christ would never push us to do anything. He only will invite us to follow him and we are the ones to make the choice to follow him. The hard part was that both of the voices promised me happiness but only one was eternal happiness. But finally I had to make a choice and when I thought hard about it, I was able to distinguish the right voice and it led me to "heaven" where hymns were playing aand the Sacrament was laid out with picture of Christ. It was such a spiritual experience!

Saturday we had a baptism of Pablo who had been listening to the sisters for quite some time now but his mom finally gave us permission to baptize him. It was a beautiful service! Then Saturday night we had a 2 ward wide activity called the Plan of Salvation where we decprated every room according to every part of the plan of salvation. It was great and we had a great turn out!
Well this week was great and we are excited for another great week!

My camera died, so expect a lot of pictures next week!

Love Hermana Gibson

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