Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 47- another week in hue hue

hola muchachos,

well this week went by extremely slow! but it was still good! Well tuesday my comp was sick and she wanted to keep working, but it started pouring outside so we stayed in. This week it rained alot so that was great!

On Thursday... our house is normally clean.... but i swear that something was dying in our trash so we took the trash ou but the smell still stayed. The  we basically decided to clean the house becasue the smell was so terrible. so now we have a really clean house haha oh and if you werent sure about how we dispose of the trash here in guatemala, we simply find the community dump spot and then when the pile is sufficient enough, someone just lights it all of fire. So yeah, thats cool i guess.

We are working hard to keep finding new investigators. Family Gusman is progressing well. We read then the proclamation to the world and they just loved it. This week we are going to try to put a baptismal date and a marriage date with them. Please keep them in our prayers!!

Our spiritual experience this week: WE have this investigator names Alejandra. Shes married with 3 kids. She has told us how her and her husband always have problems. Well our last visit we invited her to read the BOM and gave her a card about how the BOm answers questions of the soul. She told us that during the week she was just super mad and instead of lashing out she decided to read the book of mormon. she shose to read questions about how to help your marriage and kids. While she was reading she felt such a peace and then when we visited her she told us that she knows that the book of mormon was the wod of God. It was such a cool experience. I KNOW with all of my heart that when we have problems, the book or mormon will ALWAYS help us and give us the direction needed.

We are excited for another good week here. 

con much amor,
Mari Gibson (everyone thinks my name is mary here......)

i really dont have many pics this week sorry, but this is my braid that i did and a pic of the sisters in pray today

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