Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 29

Wow! Another great week in the mission field! On Tuesday we did divisions with the hermana leaders. I went with Hermana Rubio again to her area called Jardines. Its super funny because that was my third time going there and the members actually remember me now haha. But it was super fun! We made it a tradition that everytime we do divisions we order McDonalds and guess what, MCDONALDS DELIVERS!!!! Seriously, right to your  door and free of charge! Step up your game America! But it was super fun being with her and I always learn  a ton. Also during divisions I found the God First sticker from my old church! It was the best!

This week something pretty cool happened. We were contacting and we knocked this door and this older man answered and began saying that he was catholic and didnt want anything from a book that talks about Joseph Smith. LOL. So We quickly explained what the Book of Mormon was and where it came from. We shared the scripture in John 10:16 where Christ says he has other sheep that arent in Jerusalem and read 3 Nephi which says that the people in the Americas were his other sheep. After he had a HUGE change of heart and wanted us to give him a copy because he was interested. It was cool to see how the Spirit work within him in only 5 minutes. It was a cool experience.

We also have been working with some recent converts and it has been really cool to see them go from not having a testimony to sharing their testimony with us. Also one less active cant read but she wants us to teach her how because she cant  gain a testimony of the book of mormon if she cant read it. 

This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon until Jacob and I gotts tell ya, the Book of Mormon is the most powerful book that I have ever read in my entire life! Every word that I read it so powerful and everytime I read it I just want to share it with the world. But maybe ill  just start here in Los Altos. I found one scripture that I just loved! Its from 1 Nephi 21:13-16. I could write a lot about it but its better if you just read it. Christ loves us and will NEVER forget us. His Atonement is infinite and eternal.

I love you and and also, I LOVE GUATEMALA! 

P.S. I only have 9 new pulga bites this week :)

Hermana Gibson

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