Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 24

Hello Everyone!

This week had its ups and downs but overall is was a pretty great week! We contacted 102 people this week! It was super crazy, but now im a litle over contacting haha but we still have work to do! So the church (because it is super awesome) is working with the missionaries all around the world to share the video "He is the Gift." If you havent seen it yet, SEE IT. It is so beautiful and powerful and really helps us remember the true meaning that we have Christmas. So we have arounf 250 pass a long cards with the link on them to share with people. And i absolutely love it because people are more willing to listen when we want to share a christmas video with them. We even have met people tell us they were going to share the video with their friends. So i encourage all of you to do the same! Its amazing!

Well, today we went to Parque Central were we were able to buy a ton of souviners so that was super fun. Usually we dont have permission but since Hermana Hamblin is going home we got apecial permission! So we bought a lot of great stuff (Nana, you would be proud!)

Also this week we didnt have lunch and we were misison home a little bit so we tried our best to make Cafe rio salads! Also if any of you have easy recipie ideas that we can make with only an electric portable stove and a microwave, they would be much appreciated!

Thereis a dad and his 10 year old son here (Swayne and Lance) from Utah and they are staying here for a little while. WE met them in church and they took us our to breakfast this morning so that was super fun and breakfast was delicious!!!

Sorry that i dont have much to write, im pretty rushed on time today. Oh in the pictures we found some cool slides in our area!

Anyway have a great week! love you all

Love Hermana Gibson

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