Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 31- Hola, Me Llamo Moroni

Buenas Tardes Mis Amigos,

Wow, what a great and fast week it has been here in Los Altos. Let me think of all the crazy things that have happened here! 

Monday was the birthday of Jasmin Xicara.(She-Car-Ah) So we bought her a little cake and threw her a surprise birthday party. The mom was so happy because they barely even had money to buy food, let alone a delicious cake. And we are preparing her for her baptism this Sunday! We are super excited about that! The mom is also less active, but she is making some serious progress and there is a member of the ward that is sick and she volunteered to help, which is seriously unlike her. So it is really cool to see her becoming reactivated!

Thursday, we went and helped paint a room in a members house and that was a fun experience, then they gave us a delicous lunch after! After that we went to visit some recent converts but they have geese and they attacked me!! Good thing I have learned quickly to defend myself with my backpack whenever animals are near so they ended us biting my backpack, but we were screaming like crazy and the nerighbors left their house to see what was going on hahaha it was quite the sight! Then later that night i almost got bit by a dog!!! Thursday, was not my day with the animals!

However about a month ago we found these brand new puppies in a ditch and when we walked by they were so irresistable so we played with them for a little biit but then never saw them again..... until wednesday! we were walking in the same area and they all came running over to us and wanted to play and it was sooooo adorable! and they almost followed us all the way to our next cita. Dont worry, ill send pics :)

Well another funny thing that happened is that we were in a lesson with other recent converts and they are 2 brothers that are 50 years old, unmarried and live together. Well awhile ago we asked them why they go to church and they said its becasue the elders promised them that they would find girlfriends haha well we were explaining the sabbath day and the other sister were explaining that they can watch movies, but that are of the church, go to activities, of the church, read books, of the church.....etc. and said "and look at girls....... of the church!" LAWLS! I hope it was as funny for you as it was for me, because he said it in all seriousness hahaha 

Also this week we had to drop some of our investigators becasue they werent progressing. One of them, we went to their house becasue we had a cita with them. Well, we knocked the door and they forgot but they told us to hold on and that they would come to the door in a second. Well 15 minutes passed and we knocked again. This time a differend chica came to the door and we asked if our inv was coming and she said yeah, hold on........ well 20 minutes later, we decided that they actually werent coming and then we left. So yeah, that happened! 

Also, like always we found a drunk in the streets, but this one was a less active that we had visited. Well i asked if he remembered who we were and he said "Yeah, you are Moroni!"............ yeah, something like that.

Well, today we went to Walmart, Subway, and I got my haircut. Felt a little bit like i was in the States.

Anyway, hope you all are loving life and things are well back at home. Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers!

Hermana Moroni

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