Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 27- Feliz Año Nuevo!

Buenas Tardes!

Wow this week was crazy long! Seriously I thought it was never going to end haha but here we are at the beginning of another week. The beginning of our week was super slow because no one was home, but we were still able to find people to teach!

New Years was super fun! We had a few dinners and I couldnt even look at food after i was so stuffed!!! But it was super fun to hang out with the members for a little bit and eat some delicious guatemalan food! I honestly have adapted to being here becasue its super weird to eat a meal without tortillas now! Honestly i feel like something is missing. At midnight, because sleeping was nearly impossible we went up to the roof to watch the midnight skies of Xela illuminate with brightly colored fireworks. It was super cool. It was almost like Vegas firework status because all of Xela lit fireworks. It was pretty cool.

This week we found a less active and we shared a scripture with her and she started crying and told us how she wanted to leave the house but felt like she should have stayed and it was becasue we were coming to find her. And she thanked us for sharing the perfect scripture with her. So it was really cool to know that we had been led completely by the spirit to find and share with her the things she needed. She wants us to baptize her daughter who is turning 8 this month and we were super excited to meet our goal of 1 baptism this month but saldy she doesnt count for us haha so that was a bummer to find out. But either way, its one more sould that is coming unto Christ. After the lesson Dulce (the mom menas activa) had us try on corte which is traditional for here in Xela! It was super fun and i offically love corte too!

This week (i think or maybe last week) I started really studying the book of mormon. I am literally reading every scripture in the footnotes and all of the scriptures that the verse refers to in the topical guide. WOW i absolutely love it! Finally I am really studying the scriptures and so many of my questions have been answered and after studying all week I have successfully made it to 1 Nephi 1:4 haha I just goota tell ya that i really do love the Book of Mormon and I KNOW that it is the word of God!

Also I figure now would be an appropriate time to share with you all my new word of the Year. Last year my word was courage and honestly always having this word in the back of my mind really helped me alot. So I was thinking about what my word for this new year should be, and since I will be spending the whole year here in the mission, I thought Id choose a word to help me here. So I decided on the word.......... (drumroll please) Christ. He is the rock of everything so I figured thatd be a good place to start. But I also counted and only have 7 transfers left and for every change that i have left I plan on focusing on one of his attributes. So this month Im starting with obedience and am excited to really make sure that i am obedient to every detail of Gods commandments!

Well I love you all and thank you all for the support. Hope this new year brings you all a lot of happiness and success. Rememebr not to just make temporal goals but set goal in how you can improve spiritually and better your relationship with Christ through the convenants you have made!

Hermana Gibson

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