Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 34- Welcome To Huehuetenango!

Hola Hola Hola!

Well amigos, I have offically left Quetzaltenango and am now in the city of HueHue or to help you pronouce it, Way Way :) I am in the area called Las Flores and I am in the Zone Huehue Centro. and guess what........ I AM ONLY 1 HOUR AWAY FROM MEXICO!!! I think that is one of the coolest parts, but it also means that its super hot here. I am also in the same area where both of my trainers served, and now i have my "daughter" here so it´s apparrently the best place to raise a family. 

Speaking of my daughter, she is ABSOLUTELY the best! Her name is Hermana Soto and she is from Tegucigalpa. Honduras. She is absolutely adorable and we are having so much fun opening the area together! (which is good becasue opening and area and training can be a little stressful at times.) But she rocks and I think we are going to have a really gret time together!

Well, let me give you a little relay of our trip here. So Tuesday morning they told me that I would be going to open an area in Huehue....... I know nothing about huehue. So that made me a little nervous. I can easily get my way around Xela, but huehue is a different story! Well anyway, I dropped Hermana Rodriguez off in the terminal and she found her new comp and I had to find another sister that was training and we were comps for the day. Then we went to Wendy´s to eat and then the capilla to wait for our children. Then the best part is that we were sitting in the meeting and my phone went off, but i didnt know that it was mine becasue they just gave me the phone when I was in the terminal. So all of us trainers were sitting there like... wow these new kids brought their own phones..... we are going to have problems with them. hahaha Then I realized that it was my phone. But the funniest part is that President has just finished reading a scripture about how Christ is calling us.... #literally

So then we left the meeting anf hopped on a giant crazy painted school bus and headed to huehue which is 2 hours out of Xela. Then we arrived in Huehue at 7:30 at night and the lights in all of huehue went out!!! Also it was Dia de Carnival (which i guess is a catholic holiday) and to celebrate they throw eggs full of flour, or confetti, or just straight up eggs. So when we arrived and got off the bus, we were jsut standing there on the bridge without light, two girls who dont know eachother let alone Huehue, and fearing that we were going to get egged. But luckily nothing happened, the lights came back, and members came to rescue us haha It was quite an adventure to say the least.

Well something cool about Huehue is there is a little suburb of the city called Las Vegas...... so basically im home. And I see my mom´s car everywhere here! The good thing is that if we dont have lunch, I can just hop right over to the house and mom can make us food :)

This week we found a new investigator named Pricila and we invited her to be baptized and she accepted! She also came to church (which really is the bigger miracle!) So we are excited to work with her for her baptism in March.

Oh last fun fact, we got here and our toilet was clogged....... So that was a whole other adventure in itself.

Well I love Huehue and Im excited to be here!

Until next week my friends,
Hermana Gibson

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