Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 49- hola amigos

Hello Hello Hello!

Well this week was absolutely wonderful!!

Tuesday Hermana Soto and I got to go to the temple. It really was one of the most beautiful experiences. The temple truly is the house of the Lord and when we bring our worries and questions to the temple, seeking the lords help, He wil always bless us with the things that we need. 

Thursday we had an activity called the Iron Rod. Basically they stringed a small rope all through out the chapel and the participants were blind folded and had to "hold to the rod." But they were led through rooms full of temptations, food, music, dancing, soccer, etc. and we had to try to convince them to let go of the rod because there was a "funner" way or "easier" way.  It was such a great experience. I was in charge of getting the people to eat the pizza (thouh it was a temtaion for myself haha) But what a learning experience it was. How many times do we look for happiness or comfort in such wordly things? the rule is simple, we just have to hold on the the iron rod (the word of God) forever and that it how we will reach eternal happiness.

Familia Gusman is doing SO great! I love them so much (just in case i havent said it every email thus far) They are so excited about their wedding and baptism. They are a true testimony of how the Spirit changes people. I remember when we first met Enrique (the boyfriend) he was well..... selfish. He didnt let Regina ggo to church becasue he needed her to be home to make his lunch every Sunday. But now, as we have really talked to them about their significance as children of God and the importance of the Family, he has felt the Spirit and now is inviting everyone to his wedding7baptism, never wants to miss church, and treats his wife with so much respect. They are a true example to me of how Angels and the Holy Ghost help ´prepare and change the hearts of Gods children. Please pray they they will be baptized the 20th of June :)

Here is a pic of the collest kids on the block that always greet us in english. :)

Well I love you all so much and hope that you are all safe and happy. Thanks for the love, support


hermana gibson

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