Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 40- Feliz Semana Santa


I hope you all had the most amazing and spiritually uplifting Easter and Gerenal Conference Weekend! Honestly it was one of the best weekends in the misison for me because I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! 

Well here the catholic/guatemalan tradition is to celebrate all week the death and resurection of Jesus Christ. This week everything was shut down and there was NOBODY in the street (or home for that matter.) But we somehow always had something to do. 

The most accomplishing thing this week was a lesson that we had with out investigator Pricila. Shes a joven of 16 years and we have been teaching her for 2 months now. Well she has had a really hard childhood and the memories have scarred her relationship with God. But we have finally been able to see her progress and she now knows that she has a Heavenly Father who loves her and a few weeks ago she told us that she wanted to be baptized but she doesnt have permission from her mom. So we have been praying super hard that her mom would give her permission. Side note, Pricilla`s mom lives in a small town hours outside of Huehue. So last time we talked to Pricila, she said that her mom told her that if she wants to be baptized, she can!!!! IM STOKED because we have been working SO hard with Pricila. So please keep her in your prayers. 

Conference was AMAZING! Sadly we couldnt watch it in english and the translators were having a rough time, so it wasnt the same but it was still absolutely amazing!!!! I loved a talk by Dale G Renlund that talks about how we are only "Latter-Day SAINTS" when we apply the atonement in our lives. He encouraged us to always look for ways to repent daily. I used to think repenting only meant to ask forgiveness what we made a big mistake, but isnt all that it means! Repenting is really the best thing ever because it allows us to become more like Jesus Christ daily. It allows is to be happier than we were yesterday and become more perfected in Christ. Repenting is the best because we are allowing ourselves to be even more blessed by Jesus Christ!!!!! Isnt that the best? And I loved that Elder Redlund said that we allow ourselves to become perfected in Him through the Sacrament and if we dont we just are "Latter Day sinners." (That was a little but of a machete but it was also great!) So i invite you all to look for what the sacrament means to you and find a passion for it like i have recently found!

Well i hope Conference made you guys as pumped as it made me! Life is just the best and i LOVE the gospel!!!

Also this week my comp took out a little girls tooth for 1 quetzal, ill send a pic! And also our fance new rubber rain boots! Going hipster over here in Huehue

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