Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 33- Mission Accomplished: Los Altos


Wow what a great week it has been. Tuesday we had our first Noche de Hermanamiento which is a ward Family Home Evening. We shared a small message called "Who am I?" and then played some games. We had a great turn out of investigators, recent converts, less actives and active members! The whole niught was a huge success and so much fun!

Wednesday I completed 8 months in the mission! WOW time has gone by so fast. But wednesday I also got a call that I will be training again. So that made me super nervous becasue that meant that possible i would be having changes..... (We will get to that in a second.)

Saturday (Valentines Day) was the best day ever becasue....... CRISTHIAN GARCIA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the most beautiful thing that I have possible ever seen in my entire life! At his baptism, he bore his testimony about how he used to be super hard hearted when it came to all things religious. But He shared that as he read the Book of Mormon, he felt his heart change, And he concluded his testimony saying that being baptized was the best decision of his life! I almost cried! Seriously, to see him change his life to follow the Lord has been one of the biggest blessings that I have seen in my life. He not only got baptized, but he is truly converted to the gospel! Wow, the best Valentines EVER!

Well for other news, last night we got "the call" and both Hermana Rodriguez and I have changes. So tomorrow we will have to go to the terminal to find the new comp of hna Rodriguez and then Im gong to have to find someone to be my comp for a ocuple of hours while I wait for my hija to come! I´m super nervous becasue I will be going to open a new area again, but maybe this time it will be a little easier. But I am super sad to leave Los Altos becasuse I LOVE the people here with all of my heart. There have been people here that have taught me so much and I will never forget them. The mission is bittersweet in that sense, you grow to love the people and then they take you out haha but thats okay, the Lord needs me somewhere else. 

But one thing that this area has helped me recognize is who I really am. Before my baptism, I knew that I had a purpose but I never really understood exaclty what it was. But thanks to the blessings of the Restored Gospel, I know my purpose. I am a daughter of God. I am here to grow and learn so that one day I can return to his presence. I know why we have trials and I know that Christ gave an infinite Atonement and becasue of that we can always have hope. I know who I am and why I am here, and this knowledge brings me a lot of joy and peace. 

I am sad to leave Los Altos because some of the most precious moments and people to me are here. But I have finished the mission that the Lord needed me to complete here. 

Well, I love you all and thank you for all of the love and support.

Signing out from Los Altos for the last time,
Hermana Gibson

1.  Silver and Christian Andres Garcia... 2 kidz dat r way 2 kool 4 skool
2. Me attempting to pack......

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