Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 39- Happy Easter

Hola Amigos,

This week has been absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Seriously, I cant believe that it is already Monday! Let me highlight a few things that went down.

1. Huehue almost sets fire to the rain- I should be a weather predictor when I get home because I so called that it was going to rain early this year and we are currently going strong with our third day of rain! It´s like a 60% chance that its already raining outside... Also another fun thing about Huehue is that there is a mountain in our area that was up in flames Thursday morning becasue it was so hot and then it POURED rain in the afternoon!

2. House Inspections-  This week a misisonary couple came to inspect our house and we got...... drumroll please..... a 9 out of 10! The mission really does change people :)

3. Divisions aka Gringa Time- On Friday we did divisions and it was the best! I went with Hermana Marcheschi who is from Utah and also goes to BYU: Fun fact, we lived in the same dorms together fall semester at BYU. But divisions were SO much fun. I learner so much from her and how I can be a better missionary. We are super excited to start our eternal friendship haha

4. Baleadas- Last night we went to a members house and made a classic dish from Honduras which my comp taught us how. It was so fun and the members were happy. Becasue half of the people that we have met here want us to make them for them. So We crossed off a few people from the beginning of the list and only have 3983498364 people to go... Should be easy right?

5. Teaching with Power and Authority- This week we had an AMAZING lesson. We were teaching our inv Jacqulin (who is from the Dominican Republic) and her husband was there. Well we was just being stubborn and was asking us a million questions. It was so amazing becasue finally when we gave us time to answer, we were truely given what we needed to say in that moment. We were speaking with such power and authority that after the lesson, I just wanted to do a happy dance becasue it was the most amazing feeling! And he finally gave up questioning us becasue the spirit sonfirmed that what we were saying was the truth. AMAZING!!!!

6. The atonement- So this week I had also been praying thatg I would be able to come to know the atonement better, and prayers are ALWAYS answered my friends. We got a call Thursday night that we were going to be given a talk in Sacrament about the Atonement. So I had been studying super hard the atonement and praying that i would be able to draw closer to Christ through the opportunity that I  had to talk about him, and i did! Sunday Morning I finalized my talk and literally wanted to run to the capilla to share with everyone the Spirit that I felt as I studied and How I know that Christ really lives.

I dont have time to share everything that I shared at church, but I do want you guys to know that Christ lives and he loves everyone of us. It doesnt matter who we have been, where we are, or have we have done, His atonement is infinite and eternal. He lives and we weill never been alone. Our elder brother is always here to help us if we jsut call on him. I invite all of you to watch this short clip that the church has released.   Watch it, think about what Christ has done for you, and then share it with EVERYONE! Christ lives and I know it! Happy Easter.

Love you all,
Hermana Gibson

1. My little sisters here in Huehue
2. Baleadas

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