Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 37- Halfway there!

Hola Hola Hola!

This week has by so fast I can barely believe it!! 

Well to start off, I have officially hit halfway in the mission. This week we were taking to some members and they told me that I was now on the countdown but I dont believe that one bit! I honestly feel like I am still starting the mission and that I have SO much more to learn and become. Time is really flying by which makes me a little sad becasue I love the mission.

Okay, something cool that happened this week.... The hermanas before had an investigator se llama Pablo. He is 12 years old and has been coming to church alone for the last 4 months and wants to be baptized but didnt have permission from his mom. He used to live in our area but 3 months ago they moved, but still asists in our ward. So we can only visit him Sundays. But this Sunday he didnt show up but we felt really strongly that we needed to visit him. The problem is that he doesnt live in our area nor does he have a cell phone to call. But the Spirit was strong when telling us that we needed to visit him so we asked for permission and it was granted unto us. So we left the house with a lot of faith becasue we didnt know if he would even be home! We went with our Ward Mission Leader, Dany, and basically ran to Pablos house. When we got there we recognized that to get to his house its one small door and then there are like 50 houses behind the door. So we stood there knocking for 10 minutes and no one answered. But we didnt lose hope. Finally a man that lived there was returning home and he let us in. So then we had to find wich house was Pablos. But luckily we found that pretty quickly. Finally when we arrived Pablo wasnt there but his mom let us in. So we talked to her about the church and what Pablo is learning and she was super cool. One thing to know is that for the last two weeks we had been praying that Pablos mom would notice the change that the gospel had brought him and give him permission to be baptized. So at the end of our lesson with his mom we asked if she thinks Pablo is ready to be baptized and she said, "Honeslty I have really seen a great change in him and I think that he is ready." (but in spanish...) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! our prayers we answered!! So now we just have to talk to Pablo to but the date of his baptism!

It was honestly a really cool experience so literally walk and continue forward with faith. We didnt know why we needed to visit Pablo nor did we know if he would be home, but the Spirit guided us knowing that His mothers heart was softened to allow his to be baptized! It was amazing. I really am learning a lot about what it means to walk in faith and follow the spirit. It was hard to cancel the rest of our cits becasue it was a possibilty that nothing was going to come from walking super far to Pablos house, and we feared that we were going to lose the sacred time that we were given, but we did it in faith and we saw a miracle! 

That was definitely the coolest thing that happened this week! I love the mission and it really is a huge trial of our faith. But when we press forward in faith, we will see miracles! This week I was reading in the book of Mormon chapter 9:19-21 Where Moroni talks about how God has never ceased to be a God of miracles, it is just according to our faith that we see them. 

Be faithful in all that you do, and you will see many miracles.

I love you all and thank you for all of the love and support. I hope you all have a MIRACULOUS week :)

Hermana Gibson

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