Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 36

Hey Everyone!

This week has been super eventful, I dont even know where to begin. 

Thursday we went to the temple!!! And WOW i absolutely love the temple. We woke up at 5 to get to Xela at 9 and we had some spare time so we took a ton of pictures! (Prepare yourselves, all of the pictures are coming your way!) But the temple experience was so amazing. I had been studying DC 109 for the last two weeks to prepare myself to enter the Santo Templo and also went with the desire to know how we can have success in our area, becasue it is a hard one! And I fully have a testimony that when we prepare ourselves spiritually to enter the temple and enter with a humble heart, we WILL ALWAYS recieve the answers to our prayers. So the temple was amazing, and then on a more temporal amazing note, we all went to Pizza Hut after as a Zone. It was a Blast!

Saturday night we got a call saying that we needed to got to Guate to to the papers of my companion. We had to leave church after sacrament meeting Sunday to catch a bus going to Xela. Well our bus driver, who might just be the next lead actor in Fast and the Furious, cut our 2 and a half hour bus ride into 1 hour. And is was a blessing that the lady next to me only threw up once.... Needless to say my face was plastered to the window trying to get some fresh air so that I didnt join her in the vomiting games. But the great part was that we had a little spare time in Xela. SO we went to go visit Cristhian Garcia in Los Altos. IT WAS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!!!!!! We sat as talked for about 1 hour and he talked about how much he loved the church and how happy and complete he feels now that he has the priesthood. (Sidenote, his wife and baby live in Nebraska and his date to go to the states in is march) So we were talking about what he is going to do when he gets to the states and he told me, with a HUGE smile on his face how he was looking online at pictures of the Nebraska temple and how he cant wat to go! Even though I want to , I really cannot explain how full my heart was as I heard him say that! He truly is converted to the gospel and is the most amazing example to me!

Well after hanging out with Cristhian, we caught the 4 hour bus ride from Xela to Guate (Guatemala City) which was just about the most nauseating thing ever! But luckily no one threw up on the bus this time. But Monday morning we got up and met with other missionaries from Coban and Reu and everyone that had to do their papers went to immigration and those of us who didnt just hung out and played UNO. Then we had to catch a bus back to Xela and then Huehue. We left at noon and didnt get back until 8:30 last night, hench why I am writing today!

I also just want to share a tender mercy from the Lord that was given to me. The area that we are in is pretty hard. Usually people are open to our visits and its easier to find new investigators but here they literally yell at us and freak out when they find out we are mormons hahaha its quite entertaining actually. But after a long week of lessons falling through, I recieved the package from the youth of the  Cheyenne Ridge Ward and THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Your letters and chocolate were exactly what I need. So thank you guys for the letters of encouragement and I want you all to know that the mission, though extremely hard, is the BEST THING EVER!!! And to answer your questions, the worst things that I have eaten have been cow stomach and cow foot.... yeah, I wasnt a fan of those. 

Thank you all for all of the love and support from home. I hope everything is going well for you guys. Also be prepared for all of the pictures that you are about to recieve! Have a fantastic week. 

Con much amor,
Hermana Gibson

1. Package from the Cheyenne Ridge Ward
2. Temple Day

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