Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 23 Opening a new area in Los Altos.

Hello Everyone!

Wow what a crazy eventfilling week it has been! So Hermana Hamblin and I are opening an area in Los Altos but we are still in the same zone )Xela Oeste.... Sorry if my typing is weird, this keyboard in jank. We are in a trio with my hija Hermana Rodriguez. She is from Lima, Peru and so adorable. Shes super sweet and laid back which is really nice. WE are having a lot of fun. And we are teaching her english too. We are also opening this area with two other sisters who are super cool. They had to look for a new house so for the past week so they stayed with us in our house. So we were 5 sisters, 4 beds, and 1 bathroom.... but we had a blast! This week was fun contacting a million people and trying to figure out where the heck we were!

For my birthday we partied hard, missionary style! Hermana Hamblin was super cute and woke up early to make me french toast and turned off my alarm so that she could surprse me, so I had a delicious breakfast in bed! Then we went and did some service and helped this random family fill a hole with dirt. It was quite fun! Then one of the members invited us over for lunch becasue it was ma b'day. Then when we got back to the house the other hermanas had a cake ready and lit candles and sang happy birthday! So we had a little party. Also there is a resturant here thats like the guatemalan Raising Canes and they had a huge firework show so we went to the roof to watch! Overall it was an excellent birthday!

For thanksgiving, i apologize for writing out of order, we went to the market and bought sparkling cider, tortillas, sliced turkey and a pie and celebrated! So that my friends is how you celebrate Turkey Day guatemalan style :)

Oh last thing, last monday night we went and said goodbye to people. Then when we went to the last Family Home Evening, all of the lights were off but the mom still told me to go in. and when i did the elders had lit a cake and everyone sang happy birtdhay and it was an awesome surprise!

So overall this week was super awesome and eventful. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and I hope that everyone had a super awesome thanksgiving week!! 

Love, Hermana Gibson

P.S There are more pictures to come!

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