Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 17- Miracle Week 20/10/14

Buenas Tardes!

So this week I got a new companion. Her name is Hermana Hamblin and she is from Nampa, Idaho. She is super sweet and has 15 months in the mission. I´m going to "kill" her in 9 weeks, because she is leaving early to go to...... BYU!!! YAY (Go Cougars!) So I´m super excited to spend this time with her and we are really excited to work hard these last 9 weeks. 

On Wednesday we had a District Meeting and this week the Zone Leaders challenged us all to find 2 miracles this week. Challenge accepted.

Miracle #1: On Wednesday morning we contacted this lady in the street and gave her the Restoration pamphlet and she thanked us a ton and said that she was going to look for a bag to put it in because it was so beautiful haha So that was cool, but then the next day we were walking to a cita and I recognized her 30 year old son and he told us how he read the pamphlet, loved it, wanted to come to church with us, and wanted to learn more!!!! WHAT THE HECK THIS NEVER HAPPENS! AKA, Miracle #1.

Miracle #2: One of our inv. Lilian (who is the daughter of Thelma) because another miracle. We had taught her the Restoration and she was able to recite it back to us and then told us that she knows its true, we just have to get her husband to come to want to come to church and then she will.

Miracle #3: A few weeks ago we were in Lilian´s house and her friend (Matilda) was there  and told us that she wants to meet with us, but before we could ask for her number or where she lived she left. Well Sunday, while we were waiting outside Familia Gusman´s house to pick them up for church, Matilda came out with her husband and they want to have lessons with us!!

Miracle #4: Since my first week here we have been visiting this member family and their sons are all inactive but the daughters are awesome! Well they wanted us to stop by yesterday and when we did, I texted Matias (one of the inactive sons) and told him that we were at his house and he told us to wait for him cause he was coming. And then he actually shared a thought with us and usually he doesn´t want to be there. So It´s cool to see him changing and his desire to come back to the gospel grow!

So these miracles weren´t that crazy big, but I haven't really experienced things like this before so it was super cool! Also a mini-miracle: Grecia (the RM from Costa Rica) gave us lunch and we had grilled chicken, broccoli, carrots, and cheesy funeral potatoes!!!!! I felt like I was at home for a second haha

Well one thing that i learned this week is that miracles happen when we have faith in the Lord, work hard, and are humble to the Lord´s will. Man, I love this gospel!

I hope you guys all have a great week! In the pictures I attached, there are just a bunch of cows that are always on the side of the road here and people are always just walking their cows down the street haha yeah, no big deal. And today we ate a Pizza Hut and went to Walmart, and the other one we made a sign for this movie night that we are having as a ward that hopefully everyone will bring an investigator or less active to! 

I love you all and thank you all for you prayers. I hope that you can find a miracle in your life this week too.

Hermana Gibson

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