Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 14- Called To Serve: My Companions 22/9/2014

Hello Everyone!

This week went by super fast! But I took notes of some meaningful things that happened this week:

My spanish is getting so much better! For my language study I have been reading the Book of Mormon out loud and when I do, I feel like my spanish improves so much! I am albe to talk with more confidence and understand more. It is such a blessing! Someetimes the Book of Mormon is even easier to understand in Spanish! Soo it has been a fun experience.

My comp and I have been praying to learn the Lord´s visoin for our areea and what he expects us to do and it was really cool because we both recieved revelation that we need to work with the members and have them invite their friends to church. Because we as missionaries can´t do it all. But its really hard to have lessons with members because either they get off work here at 8:00 or they forget and cancel our lessons. So we need to do a lot of praying to have lessons with members. 

Speaking of work, Scott Jacobs asked what kind of work people have here, and I can successfully narrow it down to the Three T´s: Tienda, Tortilla, and Terminal. A tienda means a store and let me tell you, Guatemala takes convienent stores to a whole other lever! Basically there is a store every other house and people live above their stores. The second T is tortillas because almost every house vends tortillas. and the Third is the terminal where all of the buses are. People sell EVERYTHING there!

This week we tried working with our investigator Themla to get her to come to church. The always has an excuse everyweek as to why she cant come. So this week as helped her do chores around the house to prepare her for church Sunday, but sadly it didn´t work. So I think we are going to have to drop her this week. :(

So my companion has been super baggy/trunkie the whole time we have been together. She has lacked motivation to work and frankly doesnt want to be in the mission anymore. She only has 2 months left. Well, the other day she emerged from the bathroom and started calling other missionaried and was bawling. She was bawling. She told me that she doesnt have the Spirit and shouldnt be here and she scheduled a meeting with President to go home this transfer. She even told President that she was pregnant so that she could go home. Luckily the Spirit prevailed and helped President realize that wasnt true, because if she was pregnant, I would have to pack my bags, go home, and probably be disfellowshipped from the church!!! But he convinced her to stay and finish her mission. So that was some crazy stuff. But what I learned as I have been praying about what to do is that, no it is not an obligation for sisters to serve, but once you accept that mission call, it becomes an obligation. We are called to serve for 18 months and work with all diligence to do everything that we can to build the Lords kingdom. Jacob 1:19always comes to mind. That once we are set apart, we will carry the blood and sins of the people in our area. But when we serve with all diligence we will be found spotless in the last day. Daunting but motivating at the same time! So we have to work hard and fulfill our callings. 

Anyway, things are getting better here! Still rains every day haha and rainboots are a huge blessing! I hope you al have a wonderful week!

Hermana Gibson

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