Saturday, December 6, 2014

Buenas Tardes! Week 20

Buenas Tardes!

Another great week in the mission field has passed and wow we worked hard. We started the week with only 1 investigator because we ended up having to drop almost all of our investigators because they werent progressing at all. So we did a lot of contacting this week and got rejected a lot haha but it was all good. We had high spirits all week and ended up finding some really cool people. So we are excited to start visiting all of them some more. We even have a goal to contact about 100 people this week, but i´ll let you know how that all works out!

So remember when I said that I was super sad because my convert Brenda moved and her husband didn´t tell us where they living? Well BOOM, another miracle this week. We were walking out from a lesson and we ran into Imer (the husband) in the street and he showed us where they live. It was so cool because I had been praying all week that the missionaries would be able to find Brenda again and help her with her newborn baby girl (whom i´m trying to convince her to name her baby Katie.) I laughed a little bit on the inside because I never thought I would be the missionary to find her. But it was really cool knowing that I was in the right place at the right time. And Brenda was really happy to see us and was asking about church.

A little update on Mathias, the less active. This week he started reading the Book of Mormon again which is so awesome. In the lesson he was asking difficult questions, just to be difficult, but finally the Spirit touched him and he asked us how he can have faith so that he can know if God really does exist. Last night he called us and thanked us for helping him and that he loved the chapter and is reading it again. It was really cool, becasue we hard a long week, worked hard, and right before we returned home we were able to seem some of the blessings from our work. It was also another blessing becasue lately it has been really hard to have baptisms in our mission, so it is cool to see that we are still changing people´s lives. 

This week I have been studying a lot about chairty and what it means and how I can apply it into my life and WOW I learned a lot. Charity is such an amazing thing. I used to think that it was just about service and love but it is so much more. Like the scriptures say, without charity, we really are nothing. There are a list of scriptures in PMG ( 2 Ne 26:30, Mosiah 2:17, Mosiah 28:3, Alma 7:24, Ether 12:28, DC 88:125, 1 Tim 4:12, 1 Peter 4:8) and really teach us what charity is. I could talk all day about chairty, but I think it is better is you all study for yourselves and see what Charity really is. Read the scriptures and ask what they teach your about charity, and I promise that you will want to be a better person :) 

Thank you all for your prayers and weekly encouragement. The mission rocks! Love you all.

Hermana Gibson

Oh, and about the pictures, There are some seriously short doors here, I´m not exactly sure who fits into them. And yesterday was one of our investigator´s birthday. Her name is Dariana and her parents´work didnt pay them this month, so we bought a cake to surprise her. She´s super cute!

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