Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 18 Fun week in Garibaldi!!!

Hola Everyone!

Wow what a fast and super fun week it has been here in Garibaldi! Honestly, I can´t believe that it is already Monday again! This week I was super sick and I felt that I should ask for a blessing so I swollowed my "i´ll be fine" pride and asked for one, and WOW I am so glad that I did. I basically cried through my whole blessing (silently) because so many of my worries and fears were taken away and all of my recent prayers had been answered. It was an amazing experience. It also made me realize how much stronger my faith in Christ is now, because I was always able to feel the Spirit when I was given a blessing, but this time, I was really able to feel Christ´s love for me and in that instant, I really came to know that Christ really loves me and knows me personally and through His faithful Priesthood holders, I was able to come to know that love personally, and what turned into a strong belief became a knowledge for me.

Another thing that I realized through my blessing is how inspired parents. During the blessing, the elder said two things that my dad had recently said to me in an email. And in that instant, I became to realize that the advice and counsel that my dad gave me what the same counsel that my Heavenly Father had also. So parents, you rock, and kids, listen to the advice of your parents.... They know everything!

Yesterday we felt inspired to visit Julio and his mom, which was awesome because they were actually home. We had knocked their door everyday and they hadn´t been there, but we finally got them! Just incase you dont remember, Julio was one of our miracles last week that contacted US in the street and wants to learn more. So he wanted to know who Joseph SMith was so we taught about the Restoration and it was great! He´s praying to see if he needs to be baptized! I already loved them instantly, but especially more when they kept saying that i was cute and kept calling me Barbie. They might just be my new favorites :)

Okay so another super awesome thing that happened this week has to do with the less active amigo that we are visiting. His name is Mathias (also another miracle from last week.) So we had been visiting him a lot and finally we go the idea to write our testimonies in the Book of Mormon and highlight our favorite scriptures. Then Preach My Gospel had a section called "The Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul." so we tabbed a few of the chapters that would answer his questions, if God exsists, does he really hear our prayers, why bad things happen to good people, so on and so forth. So we gave it to him and he sent us a but text thanking us for all that we had done for me. It was really rewarding. And Sunday he couldnt come to church because we had work, but we had a ward activity and watched the Testaments and HE  CAME!!!!!! I´m pretty sure that was his first time going to church in a long time. So it was awesome!

Today for P-day we played soccer with some of the members in the morning, and then played again as a Zone later. Then we went to this store to go buy soccer jerseys becasue it is a tradition here where the Zones all buy a jersey and we get our names on the back and it says our Zone name!! So i´m super stoked for that. And tonight we might be carving pumpkins for a Family Home Evening! But I´ll let you know more about that next week!

Any I love you guys and I love the mission. I hope this week that you all can come to know that Jesus Christ knows and loves you personally. (and I do too!!)

Con amor,
Hermana Gibson

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