Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 21 OH no, pretty sick this week. But still a very cool week


Yet another super fast week has passed by in the mission! This week I was pretty much sick all week long so that was a bummer. Two nights in a row we had to do divisiones. I went and slept at a members house and my companion went out with one of the daughters. So at least work was still getting done here in Garibaldi! But being sick made it a little hard for us to get a lot of stuff done. 

Friday our ward had another Noche De Hermanamiento which is like a giant family home evening. We played some games and one of our investigators came so that was fun!

 Oh, good news, WE ACTUALLY HAVE INVESTIGATORS NOW! One of our miracles this week was that we found this family that had listened to the missionaries about 2 years ago and then the dad ended up chasing the missionaries out of the house... Well we went there and the dad was actually super nice and wants us to come back so thats super sweet and we are excited about that! And we also contacted this other girl who works in a icecream store (I know, smart of us right? )and she is SUPER pilas! Seriously she actually understood the Restoration and wants to learn more and go to church and read the Book of Mormon! Shes like a huge miracle, but her husband is going to be the problem.... But we are going to do a lot of praying for her. And she also gave us free frozen chocolate covered bananas, so I already love her even more :)

Another cool thing was that Mathias´s family invited us to Burger King with them because we are always over at their house helping them and teaching Mathias. So when we were there, I taught them about the tradition we have in my family when we all eat dinner together called "High-Low" Where everyone has to say the worst part of their day (if they had one) and the best part of their day. I love it because it helps us be more involved in eaach others lives. And they loved the game too! So that was pretty cool!

About 2 months ago I contacted this guy who owns a little store and he was actually pretty rude to us, told us he was a Jehova´s Wittness and that he didnt want anything. Well, this week we went into his store to buy stuff and guess what...... HE WAS WEARING A BYU SHIRT. LOL I just told his that I liked his shirt and that it was my university, and laughed so hard inside.... Good ole testigos de jehovah!

Other funny thing, I am personally inviting all of you women whoi are reading this email to the relief society activity Thursday at 3. We are going to learn and the proper way to breastfeed!!! lol #onlyinguatemala

Well thats about all that I have for this week and I apologize if none of this makes sense, my computer is super slow so Im just going for it typing wise! Well I love you all and thank you for all of the love and support! tthe church is true!

Love, Hermana Gibson 

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