Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 19- Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead! 3/11/14

Wow! It´s already November! What the heck, time is seriously flying by, and another great week in the mission field has passed!

Honestly, this week went by super fast and we were super busy all week. We actually ended up doing a lot of service which was cool. One of the members ended up moving houses, which was super sad, but it was fun helping them move! 

Speaking of moving, my convert Brenda moved houses and she didn't even tell me!! I was super mad. We literally visit them on Wednesday and Friday night everything was gone! So I was pretty bummed about that, and her husband (who is a pain in the butt and he knows it) won´t tell me where they moved to, so I pray that the missionaries find her again!

Okay on a more fun note, we celebrated a Quinceñera this week! Her name is Jackie and she is a member. We helped cook and serve and decorate the place and had a BLAST! I´ll make sure to attach more pictures. 

So they don´t celebrate Halloween here, but I made cute little pumpkins to pass out to our investigators and members. They loved it :) But they do celebrate the Day of the Dead which in Nov 1. I guess everyone just goes to the cemeteries and party and eat this disgusting cold meat plate called Fiambre... But hey a fiesta is a fiesta right? We were a little nervous to be out that night because everyone was saying that kids were going to chase us down and throw eggs and paint at us..... but it was actually really calm. But that would have been a funny story to tell.

Also Julio, our investigator gave me a present. It´s a hart shaped box with a little doll inside.... and said it was a barbie just like me. haha man He´s the best! One of a kind that Julio. And before we left his mom was saying how she loves us and Jesus and the started dancing and said that we should dance for Jesus! LOL

On the more spiritual side of things, I was studying about the Spirit and I was reading in DC about gifts of the Spirit and WOW we are blessed. Honestly every talent that we have comes from the Christ and the Spirit enables us to excel at our talents. I want to say it´s in DC 46:11-33 but I´m not sure. But the scriptures say that we aren´t all going to have the same talents because we are commanded to share the talents that we have! So this week I challenge you all to read DC and your patriarcal blessings and find what your gifts are and use them to bless others this week.

Thank you for all of your love and support. Hope that this is a start to another great month! I love you all.

Hermana Gibson 

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