Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 9- If you aren't being rejected, you aren't trying

Hello everyone!
I can´t believe it is already monday again! Time is seriously flying by! This week was pretty fun. We worked super hard with all of our investigators and had a lot of laughs! It rained here a lot this week, but nothing too crazy. I now understand why P-days are on Mondays.... That´s because Sundays are SO hard! Its a bummer because we work so hard with our investigators but they still have their agency to act for themselves. So when they don´t come to church, its so frusturating and really sad! But we just need patience right? I mean it took my parents 3 years but they eventually came around haha (love you guys!) So at least I know that no time is wasted here.
But the best part of Sunday was when we were teaching our investigator Thelma. She had taken the leccons years ago, but I really feel that the Lord has prepared her now. Her husband was in a motorcycle accident because he was drinking and now he has the mentality of a 12 year old but hes seriously so loving and happy! Its such a blessing. We retaught the lesson about the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit was so strong. And she agreed to be baptized.
So some random things that happened this week, we have rootbeer floats which here delicious!!! And then there was a Xela wide blackout the othernight for an hour, but it all worked out. We had this new investigator and we were trying to find his house for 30 minutes and finally when we did, i started laughing so hard because his name was written on the door... liike we should have known all along. His name is Noe and he may be a little crazy but He{s awesome. And he calls us the iglesia de MORMONES de los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias. He´s so funny. Also today we hiked this mountain thing andit was crazy!! There were all of these people having like spirit rituals at the top and like bowing down and burning stuff. It was CREEPY! But the view was beautiful!
I love being a missionary!
What a blessing,
Hermana Gibson

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