Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mom asks questions everyone wants to know...

Why do you have to take Spanish Tests? Does it count towards something?
The test is a program for missionaries to see how their Spanish is improving throughout their mission. Not all mission have it but we do. And BYU created it.  

Does anyone speak English there for you to communicate with or is it strictly Spanish? 
The Elders in my area speak English and almost our entire zone speaks English but the main form of communication is Spanish. But in the Mission office, everyone is from North America and so i can talk to them easily, but rarely ever need to

Hows your new companion? 
Shes so awesome! Super nice and super funny. I am learning a lot from her

 What is your apartment like?
we live next to and below members. Its two rooms, one for our beds and one for our desks and kitchen-which mainly consists of a sink, fridge, portable stove top and food- and then we have a tiny room in the back of our house that has the bathroom and a sink to wash our clothes.

Where do you do your shopping?
There are a ton of little stores around here where we can buy clothes. which are like the DI of Di haha and today i bought a corduroy grey skirt with pockets!! It's perfect. There is also a little grocery store we go to once a week and there are all kinds of stores on every street that sells stuff.

How much do they give you to live on monthly?
I get 1800 quetz which is plenty

Is it enough to cover your food and living expenses or do we need to add money into your bank account?
That's enough to cover everything. The senior companion gets extra money to pay rent and the lights. Anything extra we buy comes from our own personal money. Which works out because its not like home where we get fed by members all the time so we purchase alot of food. Also, can you send easy healthy recipes that I can cook in microwave for meals? I can print them off from my emails. 

Are you doing well budgeting your money?
good. we get our money the first of every month and i divide it out for the weeks 

What is the best thing you have been fed?
This awesome lasagna, a soup called caldron i think which is like a bunch of veggies and roast!

What is the grossest thing you have been fed?
cow intestines....

What do you love about where you are living?
I love being in Xela because we are so blessed to have everything so close to us and have clean water and a shower

Tell me about your companion.
shes from Peru, super short, and really loud and funny! she has a super caring heart and really loves our investigators

Do you have things in common?
ummmm yeah mostly mish stuff but shes also a convert so that's cool

Do you drive a car? or have a cell phone to communicate with members?
no car, but a cell phone yes. in fact my first day our cell phone got stolen out of hermana woods bag by an investigator. how she did it we have no idea but she took like 20 quetz too

What is the biggest thing that has impacted your life so far on your mission?
just realizing that these are real people with real problems and the best thing i can go for them in pray and help them come to know Christ

Have you received any cards in the mail?
one the ones i already told you about. No one gets cards here. Its super rare. The best thing to do is send them in a big envelope package and then they come but individually, no.

Are the people of Guatemala as welcoming as you thought they would be?
they are more welcoming than i thought. Something they are even too nice to say that they don't want to hear our message haha

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