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Week 11- Heartburn... The Holy Ghost... or Cow Intestines? 25/8/14

Hola Everyone!

Hope all is well at home and everyone is enjoying the heat. This week was a little harder than most but it was still super great. Monday night we had a meeting with one of our investigators and let me give you the DL on their lives: We have been teaching Familia Martinez and Three months ago two of their sons were travelling to the coast and they got kidnapped. The family hadn't heard anything from their sons for three months and they did a police search and everything. We have been teaching them for 3 weeks now and they are so awesome. They are so nice and have so much faith for the terrible situation they are in. Well, Monday night we had an appointment with them and they finally got news about theirs sons and were told they had one week to get their ransom money: Which is good news because that means their sons are still alive. So we have been praying for them a ton and visiting with them. And one of the Daughters (who is 17) told us that we have been such a great blessing in their lives and she knows its because they have been coming to church and visiting with us that they have received the great blessing of knowing their sons/brothers are still alive. So it was an amazing experience to hear that and to be there for them. So please put Familia Martinez in your prayers.

Tuesday we were told by the Zone Leaders not to put any appointments for all day Tuesday, because we were going to have a surprise activity. Well this activity was a full day of street contacting. We had about 6 hours to knock on doors and teach lessons or schedule other citas (appointments) with them. There was also a point system and we had to keep track of our points all day long. Honestly I didn't really like this activity, because it made me feel like the people we were contacting were just for numbers and not to actually preach the gospel, but we participated anyway and tried to get to know the people personally. We contacted 38 people and got 3rd place in our Zone for the activity. And that night, to end the activity, we had a campfire as a Zone and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs and had a testimony meeting and played some games. It was a super long but fun day.

Wednesday we went to visit some of our investigators and their lights in their house have been out for 3 days, so we went and bought them candles and shared a message with them. It was pretty funny because it looked like a sketchy ritual that was going on haha but never fear, we were just preaching the good word. 

So Morgan Lane told me that I will see 10 years of growth in the next 18 months.... Well I think I've seen 10 years already! This week I've been having some serious heartburn! or maybe the Holy Ghost is just so strong that it´s literally a warm/burning feeling in my chest haha yeah we will go with that! And on top of that, i ate cow intestines for lunch yesterday! I repeat COW INTESTINES!!!!!!! I literally almost died and felt like vomiting all day! Elder Muse (The other Zone leader in our area) was also suffering just as much as me. And finally once I was able to gulp down the last little bit, Elder Dalton loudly asked me if I would like more. And sadly I had to accept because its offensive to say no here.... That was just cruel and unusual punishment.

Here´s a list of other random things that are going on in the life of Hermana Gibson:
Last Monday i saw SIMBA in Xela!!! This little girl was walking down the street with a brand spanking new Simba. the Same one!! It was insane. I almost wanted to ask her to take a picture, but I probs would have scared her.

I have come to the conclusion that I am too tall for Guatemala. I have to duck under Everything and bugs are always flying in my face because they aren't used to people being this tall. But I like being tall because it gives me added protection when sketchy men are whistling at me and I'm like a foot taller than them. Speaking of being hit on, my comp and I play a game where we subtly punch each other every time someone whistles or saying something flirtatious to us. Its quite fun! 

We had a contest on who can eat a chiltepe and can go the longest without drinking water. I was fine but Elder Dalton was crying and sweating so badly hahaha I was rather proud of my gringa self!

Also there are three wild dogs that live outside of our house and I have named them Quet, Zalten, and Ango. Clever right? I´ll take a picture one of these days!

Well yeah that's all I've got for this week! Thank you all for all of the love and support you constantly give! Have an AWESOME week!

Hermana Gibson

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