Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 3- HalfWay Through the CCM

Wuddup Everyone!
Due to my lack of information shared with you last week, I carried around a little notebook to write everything down this week. So this week went by SO fast!! And overall is was a pretty awesome week again! I love how small the Guatemala CCM is! We get to know everyone really well and we get to talk to the CCM president and his wife on the daily! They are so sweet and always check up on us to make sure everything is going well in our lives.
So my mission is getting a new mission president and I GOT TO MEET THEM!!!! They came to the CCM before going to Quetzaltenango and I got to introduce myself. They seem super super nice and awesome!! (Sorry for my overuse of awesome,but that pretty much sums up life.) They also have served as presidents in Guatemala before so thats really cool. I was nervous that they wouldn't know much about the culture and since I know nothing, it would have been a rough start, but they are well experienced so thats super...awesome!
I love Sundays here because your spiritual battery almost gets overcharged here and you just feel so inspired all day long! Sunday night we had a district testimony meeting and it was one of my favoirte things. I came to realize that everyone here has a trial in their life and has given up SO much to be a missionary, but all of us are choosing to put our faith in Chirst and serve him. Hearing everyones testimonies really helped me strengthen mine.
The saddest thing that happened is that our investigator broke up with us..... (background story,our teachers act as investigators they had while they were on their missions and we get the opportunity to teach them.) Well our investigator was progressing really fast and told us that she had a testimony of the BOM and Joseph Smith and knew our church was true,but decided she didn't want to take the lessons anymore and didnt want to switch churches.When she told me that, my heart broke!! I almost cried because I felt so much love for the investigator. But it was a good experience to know that even when people recieve a testimony, they still have their agency and we have to respect it.
On a happier note, I learned how to sing Let It Go in spanish and now we secretly try to translate all disney songs into spanish. Its really they best!
Talk to ya next week!
Hermana Gibson

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