Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week 6- About to break out of the CCM

It's my FINAL WEEK HERE!!! Time has gone by so fast and I can't believe
that I've alredy been gone for a month. It's literally insane. Its
hard to believe that next week at this time I will have a new
companion, new president, and will be taking on Quetzaltenango all by
myself (and my comp) Needless to say, it's quite terrifying!
This week has been pretty great! Last P-Day we loaded up on a bus and
went to see this relief map of the country of guatemala which was
pretty cool and we went to the HUGE mercado which sells the food and
items like a swap meet. It was so cool and made me really excited to
see more of the country... which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL by the way!
Also two days ago we escaped again and got out visa paperwork all
taken care of, so now I have permission to stay (look out guatemala!)
    One day during deportes (sports time) we had the most MASSIVE
rainstorm!!!!!!!! In a matter of 5 minutes I was completely soaked
through! And did I run for cover? absolutely not! We just kept playing
in the rain and yelling and jumping and basically kept having the best
time ever! But I'm a little nervous since we are in the dry season here
and it only took 5 minutes to be soaked through, the wet season will
be a whole new adventure! The hardest part about this week was
when both of our CCM teachers got switched! It was so sad because we
absolutely LOVED them and were really close, but I also love our new
teachers! The thing that I learned is that the Lord knows what we need
and he knows who will teach us the best. Even when we don't understand
why things happen, we are instruments in the Lords hands and we need
to have faith in Him and trust in his judgments. I love being a
missionary, but it's hard.
Talk to you next week, 
Hermana Gibson

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