Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 2- Week 2 in the CCM

Heyy everyone! First i would like to apologize because my enter button
isnt working, so this is going to be one long email! So this week was
definitely harder than the first. The food is making me sick and the
language is getting harder, but i still love it here. So what i said
about naps, is a lie!! Our president told us that we could nap all
P-day if we wanted. So im gonna go nap right after this. :) We
finished our lessons with our first "investigator" and he gave us some
really awesome feedback. He said that we had taught every lessons to
his needs and felt the spirit so stringly which was really awesome to
hear! We now how two new investigarors (aka our teachers that pretend
to be someone from their missions) and we teach some less active
members. Its so stressful because i know what i want to say in spanish
but its SO hard to understand what they are saying. So i pray for the
gift of tongues every single day... multpiple times a day! During
sports time, we do workout videos with the president and its so fun!
On a different note, our room was so gross this week!!! The Latinas
were sick so they were throwing up a ton and they clogged/flooded our
sink!!!!!! It was so terrible. But they just left this morning and we
will get new hermanas tomorrow! There are 30 more notres (kids from
the states) coming and only 2 of them are sisters. haha I feel so bad
for them! Too many boys to handle

     I dont really have much to say about thi week. Everything is
just running together but there is an experience I would like to
share. Sunday was a REALLY hard day for me here. I was just feeling
really inadequate as a missionary and didnt feel like i would ever
been good enough, which also made me not want to be here. We had a
lesson in relief societs about the Atone ment of Jesus Christ. Not
only was the Atonement made to save us from our sins, it is also there
to strengthen us in our weaknesses. As I thought about that and then
partook of the sacrament, I realized that Christ wants me to be there
and he wants me to use his Atonement so be strengthened. So I think
that is something that we should alwayd remember. The atonement is
ALWAYS there for us and we should never be afraid to rely upon it.

                                            Talk to you next week!
Hermana Gibson

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