Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 4- #breakingheartsinguatemala

Well we don't really have much time to write this week, so please excuse ahead of time for  my random jumble of thoughts! 

First off, the first happy meal was created in Guatemala City, so that's pretty cool!
2) My morning teacher (hermana alvarado) served in the Las Vegas East mission. She's the sweetest girl ever! And shes moving to Utah to go to college, so basically we are going to be BFFs forever!
3) The fourth of July here was pretty fun! We didn't have any fireworks,but we did sing the Start Spanglish Banner, and an American flag sheet cake and had HAMBURGERS!! It was so much fun!
4) I experienced my first earthquake here!! Apparently it was a 6.1 and it was shaking everything.I felt like i was on a boat! But apparently all those years of earthquake drills in school didn't do anything because i didn't run for cover. I just decided to go back to sleep :)
5) Last week marked my 3rd year being a member of this wonderful gospel! I got up  to bear my testimony in sacrament, and before hand i prayed that the lord would help me with what i wanted to say and even when the Latinos didn't understand me, they would be able to feel the strength of my testimony. Well  when i finished, i couldn't believe all that i just said everything that i wanted to in Spanish!!!! And the spirit was so strong!! I was awesome!!
6)The moment you have all been waiting for, I´m already breaking hearts here. Last night after dinner, one of the Latino elders tapped me on the shoulder and asked for my email. Then in my broken Spanish i tried to tell him that it is against the rules and we can't. Then he asked for my info for AFTER  the mission...... Not sure how that relationship would work out. Then after I kept trying to say sorry so, one of the teachers came over and yelled at him for asking and then for not being with his companions, even though his comp (along with 10 other Latino elders) were all watching him through the window. hahaha Lock your heart elder!
7) I would just like to share with you guys my testimony about our prophet of the restoration Joseph Smith.We watched the movie about his life and the restoration, and this time when I watched it, I kept thinking, why would God allow so many bad things to happen to him? I mean his children died, he was tarred and feathered, held in jail, and murdered.These things are truly terrible to happen to a prophet of God. But then I realized why it was necessary. If this church weren't true and Joseph Smith made up the first vision, he would have given up long ago. He wouldn't have wanted to suffer through all that he did. Therefore, his perseverance  through all of the trials shows how true this church is and that he really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ and the the fullness of the gospel is on the earth today.I know these things with all of my heart.
Until next week,
Hermana Gibson
P.S.Here's a joke from my night teacher Hermano Bonilla
What do you call a sea with alot of spaghetti?

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