Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hello everyone!
Well this week has been super awesome but also really long. My flight to LAX was a little hard not to cry the whole time but once we landed I was really excited. I saw some teenage dude in a white shirt and dark suit and knew they were elders. By the end of the night, we had i think 40 people flying out to the Guatemala CCM. It was so cool to see that many people want to serve the Lord and we have like 12 sisters i think! Its really so awesome! My flight to Guatemala was hard because I had the middle seat and the people next to me didn't speak any English... but every move I would do, the old sweet lady next to me would smile and do the same haha. I'm going to like these people.
The first day in the CCM was SO long! But we were allowed to take a nap until 12 and then have lunch and start our day. So that was a HUGE blessing! But we got our name-tags!!! That was the best part!!!! It made me feel so official and totally AWESOME!!!! (Just in case you haven't noticed, i am really excited)
The 2nd day was a little overwhelming when they told us we all had to prepare a talk and discuss lesson in Spanish and be prepared to teach our investigator that night! Needless to say, I was praying for ease that whole day. So first, I am in a group of 12 people and we are a district! I absolutely love all of them. I'm so grateful because Hermana Call and Elder Hales are in my group with me. So its really nice to have some familiar faces around, and it feels a little bit like home. We also have an investigator names Daniel. We have been teaching him the lessons everyday and tonight is our last time. I always thought it was a little silly to pray and beg to have the spirit with us as we prepared to teach our investigator (since he was only acting) but I realized that as I prayed to know his needs and how I can teach him, I really did learn to love him want want to strengthen his testimony of the gospel. He is also committed to baptism. So again, it was awesome!
I have some bad news, they took all of our cameras the first day in the CCM so we aren't allowed to take any pictures here. So You wont be getting any pictures for 6 weeks.... But don't worry, ill make up for it in the field. So my Spanish is getting alot better, I am studying really hard and trying to talk with all of the Latina's during meals. They are really funny! Our favorite word is chiste which means joke. So you can tell, there are a lot of laughs around here.
Today was our first PDay and we had the opportunity to go to the temple. Usually when I go I can really feel the difference in the Spirit that I have but going today, the difference wasn't as big. It was a cool testimony builder to see how much stronger the spirit is when you are a missionary. I feel really blessed to have a member of the Godhead with me at all times. I really took it for granted, but in last nights devotional from Elder Holland (which is the devotional. from may 6 in the Provo MTC) he put it into perspective that the Holy Ghost is the closest thing that we have to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. What a blessing that is.
Well I love you all and I'm so excited to keep learning how I can serve the Lord.
Hermana Gibson

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